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15-Aug-2017 04:18

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The fact that I paid the admission-of-guilt fine for the both of us further proves that she and I had a relationship. By cop logic, she had to be a sex worker and I her client, simply because it was after dark and it was in Baines Avenue. Many of my friends, particularly women, have suffered the same injustice.

It fills me with joy and hope that my unborn children will not be persecuted simply for standing at a street corner. Waza is proud to feature as part of its content local bloggers who have a knack for expressing their unique perspectives, independent thoughts and engaging stories.

I have heard angry cuss words – ‘ , I hope your thing rots and falls off!

– as harried looking women jump out of the police car.

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HARARE - Desperate Zimbabwean students studying in Cyprus are engaged in dangerous activities which include drug trafficking, prostitution and gambling as they bid to fund their university education, Parliament revealed yesterday.

A man walking at 11pm is coming from night shift, but a woman out late is a prostitute? The Concourt’s ruling does not legalize the oldest profession.

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Police in Zimbabwe have routinely raided brothels and arrested women for loitering in red light zones.For police to arrest a woman simply because she has on her the scent of a hooker, or the appearance of one, is unjust.