Hardcore dating mall college students using online dating

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Someone tries to sell Ashley an elaborate lamp, which doubles as a "cursed" relic.Also: a Sega Double Boxing video game; and an antique Aunt Jemima bank that a customer unwittingly bought at a Ku Klux Klan convention, which the other attendees said was for target practice.A man offers a motorcycle, but Ashley's skills are questioned again when she refuses to accept the motorcycle.Les treats his employees like family, but when James, one of the pawn shop's warehouse workers turns violent it shakes up the Gold family, especially Seth.A woman tries to sell a bracelet that she claims belonged to Eva Braun, but the authenticity papers were not authentic themselves.Les suspends one of his security guards for cursing out a customer after sitting on a couch; they then look for a replacement.A man tries to sell a homemade cannon, but Seth trumps Les on the decision.Another man tries to sell a boat, but it was a fixer-upper.

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A customer sells a stripper dance pole, but Les is skeptical that it would be sold.Les and Seth clash over a raffle gone wrong at a parking lot giveaway.Also: a man trades his 1988 Lincoln for lawn mowing equipment so he could start his own lawn business.Ashley and Seth compete over the sale of a J├Ągermeister alcoholic beverage machine.

A lady sells a fork lift, but Ashley's skills are questioned when she is unable to close the deal.

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