Dating games women playing hard to get

01-Aug-2017 04:49

Make sure you get the next article: Click here to sign up to my Facebook page. Jeremy Nicholson Previous Articles Reference Birnbaum, G. As a result, not everyone finds it a turn-off, weird, or "runs a mile" when someone poses a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, developing trust and liking in a relationship is just another set of persuasive behaviors. In the end though, it is all persuasion and influence.

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by Krynnster You all know that one of the fundamental things you need to do to keep a woman interested is to not give too much too soon. As long as you understand that "the game" is all about using common sense!

A popular way to achieve this is what I like to refer to as "playing the game". Here's the deal: there is a fine line between being mysterious and being a bonehead. Generally (and I am only speaking out of personal experience) the more mature the woman and the more she knows what she's looking for, the less tolerant she will be to "the game." Then again, different people have different tolerance levels, but I can guarantee you that everybody can only put up with so much abuse. How long will you bang your head against a wall before you give up?

As Burnbaum and associates (2014) explain, "In this context, women may be suspicious of a responsive stranger’s intentions, attributing his responsiveness to possible ulterior motives (e.g., manipulation to obtain sexual favors, a self-presentation strategy) rather than communal tendencies" (p. Therefore, men may benefit from appearing a bit aloof and stand-offish at first—giving the woman time to get comfortable with him and increasing the perception of his value as a mate. While it's fairly interesting that this psychological trick works differently between the genders, just being normal is presumably the most peaceful way to live.

Thus, men may be better off by first displaying their positive qualities and getting noticed through interacting with friends (here); breaking the ice in casual ways (here); and using laid-back and relaxed body language to start an interaction (here). I would probably advise no one to 'play hard to get', specifically because that's really weird.

Although this is very interesting, I believe that the right person for you will be able to respond and interpret you correctly without the need to play these kind of if you feel aloof or friendly because that is your reaction to someone, if they "suit" you they will understand you if they don't then they probably aren't really a complete match.

The trick is to know where and when to act each way. I speak as a particularly insecure woman here, but to be frank, when I see any hints of this kind of manipulation I find it really disappointing and disrespectful.

Used at the wrong time, or in the wrong way, it can even backfire.

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